Want a souvenir? Take one of these hand-carved figures home.

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Local crafts make the best souvenirs.

At the central market in Malabo as at many other shops in town, you can acquire typical crafts of Equatorial Guinea. The selection is not as much as you might expect given that mahogany, ebony and rosewood run rampant in the country's forests. Among the best items you can find are the statues made by the Fang tribe, which usually consist of naked characters with their arms crossed over the chest and a pensive face. Apart from these, most crafts sold in Equatorial Guinea come from Cameroon, Nigeria and Congo. Among the most typical: malachite necklaces and bracelets, as well as ebony masks and statuettes. If you buy ebony, do scratch the wood to make sure you're not getting a cheap imitation (if the black colour fades, it's fake).

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