Don't miss the charms of Malabo's small historic centre.

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Historic Homes

History comes alive.

Strolling around Malabo you will come across some villas that will truly transport you to another era. Teodolita House is one of these historic buildings, and also among the most beautiful. It is located in the historic centre and is known for its beautiful cream façade, decorated with a long row of brown windows. Dating from 1902, the entire structure is made of wood, including the interior, and was named after a daughter of Joseph Walterio Dougan, one of the wealthiest characters in Malabo. From the same period, you'll also find La Gaditana, a huge green and white home that was part of the so-called Finca Amilivia. A mayor of the city lived there until the 1980's, although they say the house is better known for having housed the original Malabo power plant.

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