A Bubi king gave it his name, Nature did the rest... and you can enjoy the views.

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Moka, the Bubi capital

The most impressive landscapes on the island.

Located 40 miles south of Malabo, near Luba, this city is the cultural and spiritual capital of the Bubi tribe. The name comes from Mookata, a king who came to govern virtually the entire island in two distinct periods: from 1835 to 1845 and from 1875 to 1898. The Spanish settlers had great difficulty establishing relations with this monarch, the first to succeed being the religious orders. The city lies at an altitude of 4300 feet and is one of the most beautiful parts of Bioko, with hills more typical of Scotland or Asturias. On the green meadows you will see the unusual typical houses of the 'Bubi', built of logs and reed leaves, many now in ruins.

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