A day on the beach near Malabo, with watersports included.

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Quince Beach

An ideal beach for snorkeling.

Fifteen kilometers (9 miles) is the distance that separates this beach from the centre of Malabo, hence its name. You can get there easily by taxi, taking the Luba road out to the turnoff for the beach (conveniently signposted). Unlike other coastal areas of the island of Bioko, where the mosquitoes are constant and almost unbearable, in Playa del Quince they are much less bothersome (especially when there is a good breeze). If you are not an experienced swimmer, don't go too far from shore; it's not a dangerous beach, but you should be careful, as there are many rocks at one end. It is also one of the best areas around Malabo for snorkeling, as the water is clear and many species of colourful fish make their home here.

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