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Sea Turtles

An unforgettable natural experience.

One of the most beautiful spectacles of nature can be seen on the island of Bioko during the first months of the year. That's when the Green, Laud and Carey sea turtles come out of the water to bury their eggs in the sand. At the sedate pace you would expect from a turtle, they open a hole in the sand, lie in it, fill it with eggs and re-cover it with sand, before going back out to sea. All this can be seen (quietly, with lanterns and a local guide) in Ureka and the surrounding beaches in the south of the island. Another easier option is to visit the beaches during the day and see the tracks left by the turtles. Keep in mind that these species, like other sea turtles, are highly endangered (in Equatorial Guinea they are caught for human consumption).

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