The Banapá Seminary and Batete Church

Catholicism is present throughout the city; here are some key stops.

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The Banapá Seminary and Batete Church

Catholicism, Malabo-style.

Apart from the Cathedral of Malabo, these two are the most important religious buildings on the island of Bioko. The first is undoubtedly the famous Claret Church (known to some as the Claret Sanctuary). This beautiful house of worship is currently undergoing a thorough renovation that began in 2009. It's part of a huge architectural complex known as the Banapá Seminary, which includes a boarding school. The complex was built in 1887 to accommodate Banapá Mission, considered the starting point of the Claretian Missionaries' work in Equatorial Guinea. Another of the main Catholic churches on Bioko is Batete Church, whose Gothic design is attributed to the priest Luis Sagarra (as is the case with the Cathedral). Built entirely of wood, it is also being renovated at present.

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