Love wildlife? There's plenty on the island, right in its natural habitat.

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The Bioko Monkeys

Some friendly locals you'll meet along the way.

Around Malabo there are no safaris, as elsewhere in Central Africa; however, most of the wooded areas of the island of Bioko are inhabited by several species of monkeys. You'll find them in places like Pico Basile or Mount Cameroon, among them the drill, red colobus, black colobus, the white nose and the blue face monkeys. These are not particularly large species, so you'll see them easily in their natural habitat while walking along the paths that cross these forest areas. Make no noise and keep your distance, as these animals tend to avoid contact with humans. As is the case with sea turtles, poachers are a problem; their flesh is much appreciated hereabouts, so that it often ends up for sale in many of the municipal market stalls in Malabo.

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