In the midst of nature, a Virgin Mary with tribal markings.

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The Bisila Virgin

The African Virgin.

Located on the famous Basile Peak, this is the most important religious image of all those on the island of Bioko. It is a peculiar and totally African Virgin, with tribal marks on the face (apparently, to ensure divine protection) and baby Jesus hanging on her back (this is how mothers carry their babies in this part of world). Both figures also sport distinctive bracelets typical of the Bubi people of Equatorial Guinea, made with pieces of conch shell and snake vertebrae, among other unusual materials. The most surprising thing is that the author was a Spaniard, specifically the Tarragona sculptor Modesto Gené Roig. The figure was placed in its current location in 1968 and declared patron saint of the island in 1987, a year after being confirmed by Pope John Paul II as Queen of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malabo.

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