Dedicated to the patron saint of the city, it's one of the most important buildings you will find.

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The Cathedral

By her towers ye shall know her.

Independence Avenue houses one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in the Equatorial Guinean capital: the Cathedral, where the inhabitants of Malabo worship St. Isabel of Hungary, patroness of the city. This quaint building combines the Gothic style so characteristic of European cities with some distinctly African features. In fact, it is virtually impossible not to see the temple from anywhere in the city; at 130 feet high, it towers above the rest of the much smaller buildings in the historic centre. Construction began in 1897 thanks to contributions from parishioners, companies and authorities, following the plans of the priest Luis Sagarra (supervised and approved, so they say, by Antonio Gaudí). It took almost 20 years, until 1916, for the Cathedral to open.

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