An excursion up to the volcano's crater. Only for the adventuresome!

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The Luba Caldera

A volcanic landscape.

Ninetten miles southwest of Malabo, Luba is the second most important town on the island of Bioko. Its name comes from a Bubi tribal chief who became famous in the city (then called San Carlos) for his violent opposition to the colonial authorities in what was then called Santa Isabel (Malabo today). Most activity is concentrated in the port, which hosts the boats that come and go to Malabo and other parts of the island. Apart from some residences from the colonial era, the main attraction is the Caldera de Luba. During the arduous climb to this huge volcanic crater you will pass several wooded areas as well as the towns of Ruiché and Belebú Balachá. At an altitude of 2600 feet, its inhabitants remain dedicated primarily to livestock and agriculture.

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