Typical Food of Equatorial Guinea

Snake, monkey or turtle are just some of the exotic dishes you can try.

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Typical Food of Equatorial Guinea

Only for the daring of palate.

Although the cuisine of Equatorial Guinea has points in common with the Spanish, there are a number of culinary secrets that you can only discover during your visit to Malabo. First, a condiment called andok, as well as the typical sauces of the country (which are used for almost everything), prepared from peanuts or yams. Another peculiarity of the local cuisine is a taste for game meat, with animals as varied as the crocodile, snake, monkey, antelope, pangolin, porcupine, roe or sea turtles appearing on menus. Given that fishing is the only source of livelihood for most Guineans, it is not surprising that its most traditional dish is the pepesup, a very spicy fish soup. Other typical dishes from the sea are lobster or bilolá (a huge snail typical of the country).

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