Jaw-dropping views of the island, as well as a different kind of day in Malabo.

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Visiting Basilé Peak

A dormant volcano.

A favourite with tourists in Malabo is the path that leads up to Pico Basile, known in colonial times as the Pico de Santa Isabel and to the inhabitants of the island of Bioko as 'the Peak', plain and simple. It is has a height of 9900 feet and is the largest of the three volcanoes on the island. During the ascent you can stop in front of the statue of the Virgin Bisila. At the summit, you will enjoy spectacular views of both the island and the mainland, including a small part of the Cameroonian coast. The mountain is named after the village at the base of the mountain, Basile, of Bubi origin. In the late nineteenth century, this area experienced a period of some splendour, as some of the most relevant political authorities of the Spanish colonial government resided here.

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