In '93, "El Péndulo" had an enormous success with this books+coffee idea in charming, slightly bohemian shops... We recommend them!

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Book stores

The first "cafebrerías"

Before these coffee-bookstores became popular in other countries, in Mexico there was already a small specialised chain in what has been called "cafebrerías" (coffe and bookstore). As we said before, in 1993 the "Cafebrería El Péndulo" opened, where not only can you have a coffee or find a book, but also you can buy arthouse films, enjoy a concert or do a literature-related course. The chain, which specialises in art, literature and humanities, has already opened six shops, notable by their trademark piped music, their luminous interiors and their eclectic décor. Another similar chain is "Librerías Gandhi", although this one began as a small coffee shop with cultural activities. Founded by the late Mauricio Achar, it was a revolution in the cultural Mexican landscape because, along with "Librería El Parnaso" (closed in 2011), they were the first to "take the books out to the streets", as opposed to traditional book stores, where books were shown in glass cabinets and covered in plastic. Achar's purpose was spreading culture rather than selling more, but he achieved both, and his small shop has now become a big chain with 12 premises in the capital, and as many more in the rest of the country.

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