Museo de Antropología e Historia (Museum of Anthropology and History)

When you enter, don't be scared! The massive statue of the god Tláloc welcomes you with its 168 tons.

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Museo de Antropología e Historia (Museum of Anthropology and History)


The Museo de Antropología e Historia is the great museum of Mexico City, although if you're not familiar with pre-Hispanic history, you may find it a bit difficult. On a par with the greatest museums in the world, such as London's National Gallery, it has the largest collection of artefacts from Mesoamerican cultures and a careful visit can take several days. You may not have that much time, but still there are some not-to-be-missed pieces, like the Piedra del Sol (Sun Stone), a large carved stone disk, usually known as the "Aztec calendar", although that is not what it is. There are also dozens of masks and goddess sculptures, the Tlatilco figurines, a ring used in the traditional Beheaded Warrior Ball Game and a spectacular model of the city of Tenochtitlán. But of all the sculptures, the most impressive is the one you'll see before you enter the museum. A giant statue of the god Tláloc, weighing 168 tons, which was carried on a very slow trip from San Miguel de Coatlinchán.

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