In the midst of Pino Suárez there is a colonial style mansion that keeps cultural pieces from pre-Hispanic times onwards.

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Museo de la Ciudad: old and new city plans

Aztec streets.

It is interesting to see how some of the main thoroughfares in Mexico City fully coincide with ancient Aztec roads. This and other aspects can be learned at the Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum), a permanent exhibition on the history of the city from its pre-Hispanic times. The centre exhibits historic documents, and objects related to music, culture and social movements to show the visitor how life in the city has changed. Located at 30 Pino Suárez, the museum is housed by a colonial mansion built in 1536, which for decades belonged to the Counts of Calimaya. In 1960 the building was chosen to become the Museo de la Ciudad. Another fact about the house is that the impressionist artist, Joaquín Clausell, lived in the upper part of it, turned it into his studio and painted many murals on the walls. And for this reason, in that part of the house there are over 1,000 small oil paintings: landscapes, symbolist pictures, spirits and mythological creatures, which represent the work of this great impressionist artist.

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