Museo Nacional de la Revolución (National Museum of the Revolution)

Tribute to the heroes of the Mexican Revolution: Pancho Villa, Madero and Lázaro Cárdenas.

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Museo Nacional de la Revolución (National Museum of the Revolution)

Long live the Revolution!

In 1910, the Mexican Revolution took place. Its purpose was to put an end to the Porfirio Días's dictatorship, which had begun in 1876. It was an unprecedented fact that radically changed life in the country; however it was only in 1968 that this museum could finally become a reality. Here are also the graves of the Revolution heroes: the famous Pancho Villa, Madero the politician or the then-president-to-be Lázaro Cardenas. Curiously, the museum was placed in the lower part of a palace whose erection had been ordered by Porfirio Díaz, and the construction of which was interrupted by the Revolution. Inside, the museum has a very interesting permanent exhibition, organised chronologically, from the consolidation of independent Mexico to the years of Lázaro Cárdenas's presidency (1934-1940), with over 3,000 objects that help the visitor understand these four decades that have shaped today's Mexico.

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