Plaza de Santo Domingo, a square that once was the centre of the Aztec world

A perfect setting to sit with a cup of good coffee and a good book and dream of the old days' scribes.

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Plaza de Santo Domingo, a square that once was the centre of the Aztec world

A historical square.

This is a quiet nook in the very centre of the city, ideal to have a seat and a coffee or to read a book. It is an important place for various reasons: because in this place was the palace of Cuauhtémoc, successor of Moctezuma, so it is considered a historical part of the Aztec world, but also because it is one of the few that still maintain the original 1628 design. It is also known as "plaza de los escribas" (scribes' square) because, during the 18th and 19th centuries, under its arcades, the scribes worked, writing official communications, or letters and petitions at the request of illiterate citizens. Following that tradition, until just a few decades ago, there it was possible to find typographers offering their services to print wedding invitations, adverts and even fake official certificates, and even now it is still possible to find a few in the area. At the square is the church of the same name, founded by the Dominican friars, and the old Palacio de la Inquisición (Inquisition Palace), nowadays Museo de la Medicina (Medicine Museum), after being the Medical School for a few years.

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