Did you think the largest mural painting in the world was in the Sistine Chapel? You were wrong. It's right here.

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Poliforum cultural Siqueiros

An artistic dodecahedron

As its name suggests, this versatile space has room for every cultural and artistic expression in the city, thanks to its various large rooms: the Foro Cultural (Cultural Forum), the Espacio de Arte Emergente (Space for Budding Art), and a Theatre which, unlike most current theatres, stays true to the original circular shape (not semi-circular) the Greeks gave it. Conceived as a dodecahedron, each one of its external "sides" shows a mural painting representing different themes: allegories about leadership, religious images, homages to ecology and pictures against war, and a sort of altar where the artist has chosen to honour the greatest mural painting artists. Inside, an enormous mural -the largest in the world, larger even that the Sistine Chapel, covers the roof and represents the march of humankind ("La Marcha de la Humanidad"). The author is David Alfaro Siqueiros, the great Mexican artist after whom the centre is named. It is worth paying a visit to this place, if only to take a look at this masterpiece of Mexican mural art, but you are sure to find other interesting modern art exhibitions and a tempting shop with an exclusive selection of art and design pieces.

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