This work of art recovered its place on the Paseo de la Reforma, after being undeservedly forgotten during the 70s.

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The Hunting Diana and her curious story

A "hunter" without arrows.

This arrowless statue of the goddess Diana has seen the change in Mexican mentality since she suffered "in her own flesh" the puritanism that was the norm when first exhibited to the public. This sculpture was the work of artist Juan Fernando Olaguíbel, who conceived her as the "Shooter of the Stars in the North", back in 1942. But her nakedness provoked the criticism of the most conservative parts of society, who demanded her private parts were covered. Their insistence was such that the artist had to make a sort of cloth shape in bronze to cover her. The sculpture stayed like that for two decades, until the winds of freedom of the 60s, and in particular, the Olympic Games in 1968, restored the figure to its original state. Nowadays, it is one of the most loved and admired fountains for the Mexicans who, during the 90s, requested that it was moved to its current location in the Paseo de la Reforma avenue, instead of the out-of-the-way garden where it stayed hidden during the 70s.

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