In addition to the huge building, here you will find the history of Mexico told by Rivera's mural paintings.

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The Palacio Nacional, seat of the presidency, with mural paintings by Diego Rivera.

A powerful Mexican symbol.

Throughout its history, the Palacio Nacional has been a symbol of power in Mexico. Built by the Spanish troops in 1522, after their taking of the city, it was first occupied by Hernán Cortés, and it was later used as the residence for the Viceroy of Nueva España. Since then, it has undergone various renovations and has been used for different institutions (legislative, courts of law...). Nowadays it is the official seat of the Presidency of the Republic (although it is not the president's residence). With its 44,000 square metres, it is an enormous building with three large courtyards, one of which boasts a number of Diego Rivera's mural paintings telling the history of Mexico. Every 16th of September, the president climbs to the highest part of the Palacio Nacional and rings the Dolores bell, with which the priest Manuel Hidalgo rallied the people to revolt against the Spanish, thus leading to the Independence war against them. The Palacio is in the Plaza de la Constitución, the admission is free and it is one of the most visited buildings in the country.

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