Mexico City is built on a lagoon, which means that the ground in some areas sinks, like this curious square.

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The Plaza de la Veracruz and its leaning churches

The leaning "La Gachupina".

When you need a refuge to rest after an exhausting day of exploration, come to this square, where you will find green spots and a relaxing fountain in its midst. There, sitting on one its benches, you'll notice something that is difficult to imagine while walking in the concrete jungle that is Mexico City: it is built on an ancient lagoon, what has meant that, over time, some areas have sunk, like this square. A very slow rate of erosion, imperceptible to the visitor, but which shows in the tilting of certain constructions, such as the church that gives its name to the square: the Santa Verachuz church. Its façade is another example of the Mexican Churrigueresco style. Inside it you will find the statue of the Cristo de los Siete Velos (Christ of the Seven Veils) and the Virgen de los Remedios (Our Lady of Remedies), popularly known as "La Gachupina".

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