A trip to Mexico isn't complete without a good taco tasting, there are so many places to choose from!

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The popular taquerías

"Two tacos del pastor, please!"

Tacos are flat flour cakes - generally corn flour, but they can also be made of wheat - filled with meat, crackling pork rind, mole sauce, cheese... A thousand styles and a common denominator: the salsa you can add at will. Perfect for chile pepper and hot food lovers! It is a basic staple of Mexican gastronomy, you can have a taco at any time: there are taquerías (taco restaurants) everywhere and the price of tacos (which you will order by the unit) is very affordable. Taquerias are often tiny places without even seating space. We can recommend a few to you: the hundred-year-old "Taquería Beatriz" (www.tacosbeatriz.com), "El Tizoncito" (which claims to have invented the taco al pastor - shepherd's style -) and "El Charco de las Ranas".

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