Traditional baked goods at the "Dulcería Celaya’" a shop with 125 years of history

If you have a sweet tooth, Mexico will more than satisfy your expectations with its palanquetas, alegrías or cocadas.

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Traditional baked goods at the

Sweet joy!

Sweet-toothed travellers will love Mexico, a country with an interesting range of cakes and pastries that are all worth trying. There are many typical sweets, with the alegrías being possibly the most representative, since it is made with amaranth seeds, a local grain, honey and raisins. Another traditional sweet that is easy to find are the palanquetas, made with toasted nuts (generally peanuts) and covered in honey. The result is a kind of thick cake that is unsuitable for delicate teeth, since it is often quite hard. Other noteworthy local sweets are cocadas, made with grated coconut, sugar, egg yolks and almonds: a crispy delicacy. The "Dulcería de Celaya" is one of the places with the longest baking tradition, because it has been around since 1874. The original premises, in Avenida 5 de mayo, is a shop with a stylish Art-Nouveau decoration in gold and marble that lends it elegance and old-fashioned charm. Its windows, perfectly prepared every morning, are a gift for the eyes and a sure way to tempt the visitor, who can choose from among 140 products.

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