Dine in a convivial atmosphere with live Cuban music in Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s restaurant and nightclub

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Lario's on the Beach

From Cuba to Miami

If there is one Cuban artist who is famous for having made her home in Miami (excluding, of course, the late Celia Cruz, widely-recognized as the 'Queen of Salsa') it is Gloria Estefan who has spent all her life in this city. As most people know, thanks to magazines and arts programmes, the singer is married to the music producer, Emilio Estefan who is also Cuban. In 1992, with him, she opened a restaurant in the middle of Ocean Drive, the best location ever. Lario’s on the Beach is located right by the beach. It is a restaurant and night club where they have tried to recreate some of the atmosphere and aesthetics of Cuba of the fifties. It goes without saying that their speciality is, of course, Cuban cuisine. If you feel like a quiet night out, this is not the place for you, as the dinners are livened up (a lot!) by a band which sings live all the greatest Latin hits you can think of (www.bongoscubancafe.com).

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