In this museum you will be able to get an idea of the political history of the country through its works of art

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Wolfsonian Museum

A museum of design and political propaganda

This museum, along with the bookshop and the research centre, belongs to The Wolfsonian Florida International University (better known as Wolfsonian-FIU), and is dedicated to the world of modern international design and its differing forms and interpretations. The museum was officially opened in 1995 although it had already shown some exhibitions before that date. Housed in a brightly-lit, Mediterranean-style building from the early twentieth century, Wolfsonian has a permanent collection on show made up of hundreds of objects, paintings, posters, glasses, industrial-design artefacts and propaganda material from between 1885 and 1945. What it seeks to convey is how each of the pieces reflects the political and social changes of the age in which they were created and, at the same time, how they themselves and their respective designs have also contributed to the world. As well as the permanent collection, there are several interesting, temporary exhibitions, every year, so if you are in the Miami Beach area, go and have a look (

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