Eat and Drink Economically in Kruzhka

Establishments where you can eat something tasty and quick, so you can continue with your tour.

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Eat and Drink Economically in Kruzhka

In case you don't want to lose time during your tour round the city.

With various establishments dotted around the whole city, including one at a few metres from Red Square, you can have lunch and drink beer for just a few rubles, and in a special kind of atmosphere. Kruzhka has become the favourite place for students and tourists who are looking for a bite to eat and to have a fun time in this type of pub. The dishes aren't so extravagant but that doesn't mean to say that they lack in flavour. Order sausages and potatoes, roasted fish, pasta, or any other combined dish at very low prices. And besides this, although they close at midnight during the week, they're open until 4am at weekends, so you can go there practically anytime to enjoy a break.

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