Given the country's spatial history, it's no surprise that there is a museum which brings all the mysteries of space together.

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Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

The space museum.

Just as expected, the first country to send a satellite into space had to have a place dedicated to exploring this spatial 'world'. You'll see the history of their exploration here in the museum's halls while they explain the first flights of the satellites, and how they sent the dogs called Laika, Belka and Strelka into space, in order to find out the appropriate conditions which allowed humans to do the same. On the screens, you can see the 'tricks' that astronauts used to ensure a suitable space journey, and you can also find out about the materials used on space ships. As soon as you leave the metro (stop named VDNKh, yellow line/6), you'll see the magnificent 99-metre tall monument which simulates the wake that a ship leaves as it takes off for space. At the top, where the column joins the sky, you'll see a replica of the famous rocket that Yuri Gagarin used, who was the first human being to launch into space. You'll find this museum on 111 Prospekt Mira. To infinity and beyond!

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