With a long history, you can't miss this during your visit to the Kremlin.

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The Arsenal

The strongest building in the city.

You'll look at this Kremlin building differently when you know the long history of its construction, as it first seemed like its destiny wasn't to stay here in this place. Its construction began during 1702, and under Peter the Great's order with the idea of using it as a military storage, but also as a museum for old weaponry, but then the country was at war in the middle of the construction and it was left unfinished. The construction was completed in 1736 but it was seriously damaged a year later due to a fire in the city, and it wasn't until years later, between 1786 and 1796, when the building was restored. But the Arsenal's tortuous history doesn't end here. In 1812, Napoleon's troops partially blew this building and another one away as they retreated from the city, and then another restoration process began two years later which was completed in 1828. Despite all this, the Kremlin Arsenal is still standing nowadays and it still has the original floor where it houses old weaponry and cannons, but now it's used as a headquarters for the army. This place certainly has a long history!

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