There is a lot to see inside the Kremlin complex, including this belltower.

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The Ivan the Great Belltower

The belltower that resisted time.

This unique construction stands at 81 metres tall. In this exhibition room, you can appreciate the old plans, as well as the steps taken during the reconstruction of this gigantic belltower. You can also appreciate the real importance of the Kremlin here, which will surprise you! The belltower dates back to two different centuries. It was during the year 1600 when its actual height was completed, just like the inscription states below the dome. As Napoleon's defeated troops were leaving the city, the Kremlin was practically blown away and therefore the belltower was too. Despite this, the tower's main pillar was surprisingly the only one that kept it standing. Nowadays, you'll find 24 bells in its tower, and the hall is also used as an exhibition room for all kinds of artworks.

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