It will seem like you are in a little old Russian village. Don't miss the details of the buildings!

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The Kolomenskoye Museum

A tour round the country's architectural trends.

This curious and remarkable place was home to the city's oldest village nearly two thousand years ago. A walk round the gardens will let you discover the Ascension church (1532) that was built in white stone to commemorate the long-awaited birth of an heir to the throne, who was going to be Ivan the Terrible, and this church was also used by the tsars as a summer chapel. The small house which attracts attention is a small wooden palace built in the centre of the estate containing no less than 270 rooms. Its artworks don't go by unnoticed either including paintings, sculptures, tiles, and decorative wooden carvings. We recommend you to ask for a guided tour as all the guides are dressed in the style of the period and they'll make you feel as if you were there during that time. A walk round the surroundings is essential! You can't miss how the falconers perfectly dominate the falconry, as well as the birds of prey (LDJG). When the good weather arrives, this area hosts all kind of events, celebrations, and concerts to which the Muscovites go in masses. Nowadays, you'll find an open-air architectural museum that represents the history and evolution of Russian architecture. The wooden constructions that came here from different parts of Russia are especially worth mentioning!

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