Amazing buildings that you mustn't miss during your visit to the Kremlin.

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The Palace of Facets and Terem Palace

Admire their roofs, their domes, and their whole structure.

Located in Cathedral Square, this small Florentine-style palace built in 1487 hosts the president's official receptions nowadays, and it's made up only by an enormous 500 square-metre floor with some very high ceilings. The so-called 'Red Porch', attracts attention, which leads to the square where the Russian tsars used to stop and introduce themselves to the people. After a long refurbishment, the palace has opened its doors again, so that the public can admire its impressive interior decoration. You'll also be surprised by the beautiful frescos, and although they are not the originals, they date back to 1881, as well as its domes and impressive lamps. Even though the palace underwent various reconstructions due to several fires, it's still exactly how the initial architects designed the building. When you arrive at Terem Palace, take a look up at the sky and admire the decoration of its facade, its chequered roof, and its eleven golden domes finished off with crosses. You'll be standing in what was once home of the Russian tsar's family. A real symbol of the city! In fact, the second floor used to house the sewing workshops where they used to sew the garments for the whole family, and the private rooms are located on the third floor.

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