Discover the Russian nobles' way of life and their every day habits.

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The Palace of the Romanov Boyars

How the Russian Boyars used to live.

This untypical museum, which is very near Red Square, has remained practically the same despite its multiple refurbishments, and shows how Russian nobles used to live who were called Boyars in the period during the 16th and 17th centuries. The darker and frugal ground floor of the house was dedicated to the men of the house, whereas the women were in the rooms on the second floor doing their chores. In fact, two automated figures appear in one of the rooms who start to embroider when visitors go in. As years passed by, the architect XX Richter finally refurbished this house/palace without leaving a shred of any modern evidence, as he kept the beautiful interiors; the very colourful rooms with the family crests drawn on the walls, as well as the furniture and family essentials. You'll find an example of the civil architecture of the period here with thick walls and roofs in the shape of low arches. You can also admire the 16th-century oven in the kitchen, and if there's enough time, you can see a 17th century tomb in the patio. Come and enter into the everyday life of the old Russian aristocracy!

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