Don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the Russian 'banyas' and to learn the relaxation ritual.

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Wash Yourself in a Russian 'Banya'

National relaxation.

Banyas' are dry or wet heat sessions of nudist baths with separate areas for men and women, and where the temperature can exceed 90ºC. In the 'banyas', you'll find three different rooms: the entrance, the baths, and the sauna. To use one of these, it's necessary to carry out a ritual that dates back centuries ago. Before entering, make sure you buy oak leaves, or any other bunch of leaves or plants to be able to enjoy the massages that consist of being stroked to open your pores. There are various public 'banyas' in the city but this is nothing like the 120 that there used to be during the 1940s. Visit Sandunovsky Banya at the Kuznetskiy Most metro stop, which is one of the nicest and most comfortable in the city. Enjoy!

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