Woody Allen's second home is the world's most famous and high-profile park. There must be something to it…

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Central Park

Everybody knows it.

Welcome to the most famous park in the world. You’ll have seen it in photographs, postcards, on television and in films, such as those by Woody Allen. They say that no one is a real New Yorker until they have met the director in Central Park. The park was designed in around 1858, when New York was starting to rapidly grow as a place of relaxation for the crowds of workers in Manhattan. Today, over 25 million people visit the park every year. We recommend renting a bike to cover it all, as you will have enough time to see the meadows used for baseball games and picnics, the ponds and fountains, the enormous lake, which adjoins Harlem. You can also visit John Lennon’s Corner, where the word ‘imagine’ is spelled out in tiles on the ground in honour of the late singer. In front of it are the Dakota apartments, where he was assassinated in 1980. This enormous park is one of the most beautiful places in New York.

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