Few tourists know about this market, as this gem is still a well-kept secret.

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Marché de la Libération

A large variety of fresh products

The ideal place to discover the colours and aromas of fresh French products for yourself. The Marché de la Libération accommodates more than one hundred stalls where local farmers, stockbreeders and fishermen display and sell their best items from Tuesday to Sunday; real gourmet products of which some come from organic agriculture. Despite its city centre location, coming as far as here will let you enjoy a completely different atmosphere that you can experience in Vieille Ville, for example, as there are few tourists who decide to visit this enclave, which will let you see how the locals spend their day-to-day. It's a very-well kept secret. Fruit, vegetables, leafy vegetables, meat, fresh pasta, fish and other products of the region such as honey or a large variety of cheese will fully immerse you into the good gastronomy in the city.

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