Nobody can ignore its green dome or its views. Highly recommended.

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Abdelkader El Moulat

A genuine icon of Oran

The green dome is one of the most famous symbols of Oran, located, moreover in an enviable situation in the Algerian city. High above the coast, its panoramic views look out over the bay and a large part of the city, making it one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the whole country; evenings here are particularly romantic, with the sun setting over the Mediterranean waters. Despite the steep climb up here, it can be reached on foot, by car or by public transport: there is a spectacular cable car which will take you right to the door itself. Inside this religious building, which used to be a centre for prayer and a place for the faithful to meet, there is also a cave which serves as a place for reflection, with the only sound being that of water dripping onto the stone floor. As you can imagine, this really is a must-see, a trip not to be missed.

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