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Bardo Museum

Beauty both inside and out

Although this museum is not in the city of Oran, it is an essential place to visit to learn about Algerian and African prehistory: it is an old Turkish mansion built some time during the XVIII century which originally belonged to a Tunisian prince; later on, it had to be extended during the French reign in the country. This is the Algerian Bardo Museum, which is famous for being the most important museum not only in the country but also in all northern Africa. Impressive beauty both inside and out. The museum itself was established in 1930 and concentrates on Algerian ethnography and prehistory, for this reason its permanent collection displays paintings, ceramics, fossils, different utensils and works of art of incalculable value, either because of the date they were made, or because of what they represent. The comprehensive chronological overview makes a visit to this museum compulsory.

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