Some essential culinary suggestions

Couscous, chorba, kemia, burek … An inexhaustible list of dishes to excite your palate.

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Some essential culinary suggestions

To whet your appetite!

Oran’s traditional cuisine characteristically has the same roots as all the Maghreb. There are several recipes which, over the years, have become genuine culinary symbols of the city, and these have to be tasted while you are here: couscous is, without a doubt, the main dish of the city and of all Algeria; although you can find it anywhere in the world, it originates from this area and eating it in one of Oran’s central restaurants is a unique experience. Alongside couscous are other typical dishes such as chorba, which is a soup based on vegetables, lamb, garlic, pepper and parsley, a deliciously intense and very spicy creation. As a main course there is burek, a type of pastry filled with meat, egg and onion, and the well-known kemia, which is prepared in a similar fashion and filled with fish, originally sardines. Any advice? Be careful, it might be spicy.

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