Indulge yourself in the pleasure of this chocolate, which has a recipe that has passed on from generation to generation.

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Chocolates Subiza

The sweetest snack.

From 1841, the Subiza family has turned Navarre into the cradle of handmade chocolate, firstly by 'grinding', using a flat grinding stone, then with a mill, which was originally pulled by horses and then to eventually be powered by electricity, when it was first supplied to the valley. Miguel Subiza was the first chocolate maestro who learned the techniques of chocolate making, which were typical in France; he then established the techniques in San Sebastian in order to finally finish in Navarre during the mid 20th century, where he founded the company named 'Chocolates Subiza'. The recipe has been passed on five times and almost secretly from generation after generation, in order to make their chocolates of excellent quality with a delicious taste and exquisite texture, making an ideal gift or to give yourself a treat. The key to 'Chocolates Subiza' is their high concentration of cocoa and elaboration with artisan techniques, which produce their soft texture.

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