Take advantage of your visit to Noáin to see what remains standing of this 18th century aqueduct.

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Acueducto de Noáin (The Noáin Aqueduct)

Water is life.

In the 18th-century, drought and epidemics used to threaten Pamplona due to problems of the supply of drinking water, so there was an urgent need to construct a water supply to the city. After several projects had failed, in which the low grounds and valleys couldn't be saved, the project was commissioned to Ventura Rodríguez, who was the most famous engineer of the time. Finally, Rodríguez got to carry out the construction of the Noain aqueduct (located at just six kilometres from Pamplona), which assisted the supply of water from the spring of Subiza, and became an architectural supply and landmark. The walk up to the town of Noáin is worth it to see the aqueduct, which has been modified over time for the railway line and subsequently modified for the motorway, and to see the other monuments such as the Gothic church of St. Michael.

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