Archivo Real y General de Navarra (The Royal and General Archive of Navarre)

Any archive that you look for on the history of this region can be found in this renovated palace.

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Archivo Real y General de Navarra (The Royal and General Archive of Navarre)

The former palace of kings.

Stories tell that it was King Sancho VI 'el Sabio' (the wise), who ordered the construction of the castle during the 12th century, which would be known as the 'Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra' (King’s Palace of Navarre) and caused centuries of disputes between the clergy and the nobility for their use and benefit. Located in the historic area of Pamplona, its original architecture isn't appreciated nowadays as the Palace has almost been reduced to ruins since it was neglected over time. The little that was left standing has been covered and protected by Rafael Moneo's distinctive architecture, in order to house the 'Archivo Real y General de Navarra', since 2003. Here is where they protect manuscripts, handwritten laws and acts of the ancient courts of Navarre from the 15th to the 19th century, which are collectively known as the "documents of the kingdom", and are available for scientific purposes or curiosities concerning the region's history.

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