A hiking trail close to Pamplona for enjoying and learning.

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Sendero Micológico de Unzué (Unzué Mycological Trail)

Hiking and nature.

If you like to walk and explore new landscapes, take comfortable footwear and get ready for an easy tour of a considerably flat area of only 11 kilometres by the 'Sendero Micológico de Unzué'. You'll find the church of San Millán in this place, which is 21 kilometres from Pamplona and is the starting point of the route that runs by farm trails and follows on by the river. The main attraction of this route for trekking is to see the difference in the landscape and observe how it progresses from the start with its own species of the continental Mediterranean climate to the beech forests. Another one of its special features is its mycological importance if you have knowledge of the identification of mushrooms. If you don't, you can always hire a local guide who will take you on the Unzué route to select and collect only the edible mushrooms.

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