It's a modest space, but some 100,000 mortal remains lie in cinematically picturesque surroundings in Prague's Jewish Quarter.

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Old Jewish Cemetery

One of the most visually atmospheric graveyards you'll ever see.

In use between 1439 and 1787, this compact graveyard is a cinematically atmospheric jumble of 12,000 headstones, many of them at chaotic angles and piled one atop the other - due to the limited space and the fact that Jewish law forbids removing graves and tombstones, the layers run at least 12 deep. Some of the more prominent personages buried here are Mordecai Maisel, David Gans, David Oppenheim, and especially Rabbi Judah Loew and Avigdor Kara, a poet and also a rabbi whose tomb dates back to the cemetery's first year.

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