The lively centre of Prague's Old Town, with several of its key sites.

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Old Town Square

Ground zero of Prague's picturesque medieval quarter.

Prague's Staré Město (Old Town) is without a doubt one of the districts which gives the Czech capital its star power, and its epicentre of public and daily life has been here in Staroměstské Náměstí (Old Town Square) since the Middle Ages. The old city hall is here, with its famous astronomical clock and tower offering a panoramic view over much of the city. Not only is it a must for any first-time visitor to Prague, but it's a place you'll probably find yourself returning to more than once over the course of your stay. It's a mix of styles including Gothic (such as the distinctive Týn church) and Baroque (St. Nicholas), and in its center you'll see a statue to Jan Hus, a religious reformer who was burned at the stake in the 15th century.

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