Among its highlights are amazing frescoes and an organ played by the great composer Mozart in 1787.

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Strahov Monastery

A venerable and fascinating Prague abbey.

In the slightly outlying Strahov district, this abbey, called in Czech the Strahovský Klášter, was founded in 1143 by two local bishops along with Duke Vladislav II of Bohemia, and belongs to a small, relatively obscure Catholic order known as Premonstratensians (aka Order of Canons Regular of Prémontré). It was originally fairly modest - a wooden monastery with a Romanesque church - but in 1258 was rebuilt in more imposing if still fairly sober Gothic style after a fire. Still one of Bohemia's oldest monasteries, its most notable feature is the Basilica of Our Lady, whose frescoes of the Virgin Mary and St. Norbert are quite impressive to behold. Its organ is also famous, not least because the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played it on a visit in 1787. Learn more at

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