A sobering reminder of the terrible suffering brought to Czechoslovakia by World War II, especially its Jews.

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Terezín Concentration Camp

Northeast of Prague, a monument to a dark chapter of the 20th century.

Just 60 kilometres (36 miles) northeast of Prague lies a grim site that is nonetheless highly recommendable for history buffs, and especially of World War II. This is Terezín (Theresienstadt), a fortress that was turned into the principal Nazi concentration camp in then-Czechoslovakia. Taken over by the Gestapo in June 1940, it became a ghetto and labour camp for the region's Jews and other "undesireables" from November 1941 until May 1945 when it was liberated by the Soviet Red Army. Its entrance marked, as at Auschwitz, with the slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Makes You Free), the camp is divided into two zones, and had capacity for more than 150,000 inmates. Your visit will take you through barracks, courtyards, cells, a dark underground tunnel, the crematorium, the cemetery, and other areas. Moving and unforgettable.

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