If you want to see an example of Rabat’s history and strength, then fix your eyes on this magnificent wall.

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Almohad Walls

Eight centuries defending the city

When the city of Rabat was founded, slave trading and intertribal attacks were the order of the day, so a fortified structure was designed that would protect the interior of the stronghold. The Almohad Walls, built in the twelfth century alongside the River Bou Regreg, stand testament to an era of battle, with its walls literally charged with history. During that twelfth century, the successful Almohad campaigns along the Peninsula – which were launched from this very fortress – earned it the name “Ribat al-Fath” or “Stronghold of Victory”. The enclosing wall still retains its five city gates, most notably Bab el Alou, and boasts impressive views of the coast. The city was practically abandoned following the death of the sultan, Yacoub al Monsour, and then burned to the ground in 1260 by the king of Spain, Alfonso X the Wise, in what was his greatest victory over a site of ruins.

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