Relax with a coffee on its terrace and join in with the film powwow.

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Caféterie du 7ème Art

A cultural café in Rabat

A young environment of film buffs, intellectuals and hipsters. That is what you’ll find at the select Caféterie du 7ème Art, which is located right next to the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre. So why not enjoy an afternoon of cinema at the film library, attend one of its lectures or presentations, and then relax with a nice cup of coffee on the garden terrace? The Cinematographic Centre also organises film seasons in collaboration with the embassies of other countries in the city, making it a hub of cultural interaction. The types of conversation you might overhear amongst customers at the Caféterie du 7ème Art could be anything from an ardent critique of the latest Jordanian or Iranian film-maker, to a comparative discussion of the up-and-coming writers of Moroccan shorts. Despite being a bit of a clicky social gathering, it’s well worth dropping in for a visit, if not only to enjoy the gentle breeze that rustles through the bushes during late afternoon.

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