At the mouth of the River Bou Regreg, these ruins of various civilisations will literally transport you back in time.

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Citadel of Chellah

An ancient necropolis of multiple civilisations

A daytrip to the monumental necropolis of Roman origin, Chellah, will seem more like a journey back in time, albeit just over a mile from Rabat. But it wasn’t always a sacred burial site. During times of splendour at the mouth of the River Bou Regreg, it was firstly the Romans, followed by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, who occupied the Citadel of Chellah, as have been discovered in the archaeological remains of the Roman Forum. If your visit happens to be in the spring, you will be able to enjoy an explosion of scent and colour at the Chellah Gardens. The half-buried Roman, medieval and Benimerine remains found in these gardens are the remnants of the fourteenth century grave site which became of the citadel ruins. Another key feature is the magnificent doorway decorated in Arabic calligraphy at the entrance to this novel dimension of Rabat, not to mention the quaint minaret hidden amongst the rocks and flowers.

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