Even if you don’t wish to buy anything, it’s worth taking a look behind the scenes of this age-old trade.

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Complexe des Potiers

Artisan Pottery

For that extra special souvenir, don’t miss out on this age-old tradition and pay a visit to Complexe des Potiers – Pottery Cooperative – en Oujla. With its roads of clayey soil and donkeys carefully transporting their soon-to-be-baked cargo, a magical world of earth-coloured handcrafts awaits you. More than 700 potters have made Oujla the capital of this artistic vocation, and many of them have partnered together, not only to make a living, but also to formally establish their tourist enclave and secure cooperation with the authorities. Such assistance is vital in terms of organising events to promote both the location and the artistry itself, as well as to guarantee better working conditions and a plentiful supply of the raw material in question. Yet one thing’s for sure: these artisans will be only too happy to sell you one of their creations, and show what pottery is really made of.

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